Washington, DC Mold Testing and Mold Inspections

From the founding fathers to Martin Luther King, Jr. to today’s president, Washington, DC is a city steeped in history — and history in the making. Mold Test Experts is proud to offer mold testing services and inspection to our Nation’s Capitol.

Mold Testing in Washington, DC

Beautiful, historical Washington, DC is a source of pride for us all. Hidden beneath all of the beauty that is Washington, DC could be an unwanted visitor, mold. Yes, mold. Mold is prolific in every city, town, and suburb of our great nation, including the homes in Washington, DC. The professionals at Mold Test Experts bring the knowledge, technical expertise and experience to help you determine if mold is a problem in your Washington, DC home or business. We are proud to provide, safe professional mold inspections to the citizens of more than 40 states. If mold remediation and clean up is required, we will be happy to assist you in locating a qualified remediation company whom you can trust. Contact us today for a full mold inspection by Mold Test Experts.

We also serve the local areas of Arlington, Shaw, Deanwood, Petworth, Brightwood and Hyattsville, in Virginia.

What You Need To Know - Mold Inspection in Washington, DCWhat is Mold? A form of fungi that grows naturally in the environment, it comes in a wide variety of colors but sadly, has a musty smell.For mold to grow, all it needs is moisture and a food source (this could be anything - mold isn't picky). When mold grows indoors it can cause allergy symptoms and even asthma in sensitive people.Do I need a mold inspection? We recommend a mold inspection in nearly all cases because it can save you lots of wasted money and time, two things we all need more of! Even if mold is clearly visible, there could be more hidden behind walls or in duct work that could go unnoticed. Testing can find mold hidden behind walls and other areas a visual inspection alone might miss. Post-testing to confirm that all mold has been removed. Testing can confirm what level of remediation is truly needed, possibly saving you thousands of dollars!Why choose Mold Test Experts? Unbiased: mold inspections and testing are our specialty - we ARE NOT involved in remediation. Fast results: testing results within 36 hours in most cases - a 24 hour option is available. Certified: members of the National Association of Mold Remediators and Inspectors. No Hidden Costs: we will not perform testing you don't need.Mold Testing and Mold Inspections by Mold Test Experts

Washington, DC Mold Inspectors

Mold Test Experts is a certified mold testing company in Washington, DC and the Beltway Area with years of experience. We will help you take the first step on the path to mold removal in your home. All of our technicians are certified mold testing specialists and we can provide you with the information needed to begin removing the mold that has invaded your home. Our staff can provide you with information that only comes from a specialized mold test and analysis completed by one of our technicians.

Our company has grown from years of working in the mold testing, inspection, and remediation fields. Recognizing the health and financial risks associated with any mold issue, our company is networked throughout 40 states. We take pride in providing honest, professional assessments to homeowners, realtors, and property managers.

The inspectors provided by our company are seasoned with many years of mold experience, and this is ALL that we do. MOLD IS OUR TOTAL BUSINESS. With our resources, we can provide quick, efficient, and fair assessments of your issues. Before you run the risk of spending unnecessary dollars for remediation that might be unnecessary, contact us today.

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Mold Exposure and Your Health in Washington, DC

Skin Rash

Irritation of the eyes

People with chronic lung disease can experience infections in their lungs.

Wheezing in chest

Excessive mold exposure can cause fever.

Nasal congestion

Too much exposure can even cause shortness of breath.

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