Why Test For Mold?

There are many reasons to test for mold in your home or business, the reasons listed on this page are just a few examples of why you need Mold Test Experts:

Have you had any flooding or water damage?

The last thing you want to do after any water damage is to take care of the water problem and immediately rebuild the structure before testing for mold. You could be putting your walls back up while mold spores are beginning to grow from within. Always have a mold test done after the water is has been removed and before the area is rebuilt.

Are you in-between tenants?

If you are a property manager or a landlord you should always test for mold when making a tenant change. This relatively inexpensive process should always be a included your turnover process. Doing this will ensure that you do not introduce new tenants to possible mold growth and will ensure that you keep yourself safe from future litigation.

Are you experiencing health concerns?

Do you, a family member, or a pet seems to have constant issues with constant respiratory problems, headaches, flu-like symptoms, or even fatigue while in the house? Do you seem to be sick for no apparent reason? If these symptoms persist, particularly if they seem to go away when outside the house, they may be signs of active mold growth inside the home in which you are living and breathing. Failure to address the problem can create unnecessary and costly health risks.

Do you have a leak that has been present for more than 24 hours?

Given the right conditions, mold can start growing within 24 hours with devastating effects. You should have the leak repaired immediately and then check for mold before doing any repairs which may hide the mold growth.

Have you been smelling a musty odor for more than a few days?

Musty smells do not always mean that you have a mold problem but if it sticks around for a few days you may have a mold or moisture problem somewhere in your home. If you catch the problem early you may save thousands of dollars in mold remediation and home repairs.

Have you seen unusual staining on furniture or building materials?

Unusual staining on furniture, walls, or other building materials can often be visual evidence of mold growth. This type of growth is generally caused by high humidity levels within the home or business.

Are you in the processes of purchasing a home?

You never know what is behind the walls of a home or how the previous homeowner treated the house. Unfortunately, mold can easily be temporarily hidden from potential buyers with paint or wallpaper.

In addition, mold can also be hiding behind the walls and the previous owners did not know because they were not adversely affected by the growth. Mold affects everyone differently and while it did not bother the previous owners it could present many health effects for you or your family. Everyone gets a termite inspection to ensure the safety of the home, you should also get a mold inspection to ensure the safety of not only your home but your family.

Want more info about testing for mold? Contact Mold Test Experts today!

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