Questions To Ask Your Mold Testing Company

You should only use certified mold inspectors, and you want to make sure that your home or business gets a quality inspection. Asking these questions will help to make sure you are working with a qualified and reputable mold testing company:

Are the inspectors certified?

You want to use only certified mold inspectors. These inspectors will be properly trained and know where and what to look for. This will ensure that you get the most accurate results possible. The inspectors with Mold Test Experts are the most seasoned professionals with years of experience in mold inspection and testing.

What kind of testing will you be doing?

You want to make sure that the inspection company is using top of the line equipment and testing standards that follow IICRC guidelines. In most cases an air spore sample tests should be taken to provide the most comprehensive information in regards to types and quantity of mold spores per cubic meter of air. Be sure to know exactly what you are breathing into your body.

Does your company do mold remediation?

Unless they come highly recommended, you should never hire a company that does mold removal to also provide your mold testing. They may have a vested interest in finding mold growth throughout your home. Independent testing from a company that does not do mold removal is always the best option when possible. Your first pass should be to discover what problems may exist in your home and if you need remediation, then this same inspector should be considered for the post testing. This separation between the inspection agency and the remediation agency eliminates bias and helps ensure that the problem has been adequately addressed.

What does the inspection include?

Always know what you are paying for before contracting any services. You may need samples taken but also checking for moisture, humidity levels, and visual problems are just as important. Mold is a result of moisture issues and a qualified inspector will help you identify the causes.

What is the cost of your inspection?

Many inspectors charge in the high hundreds or even thousands for mold testing and inspections. While multiple testing is sometimes the proper protocol, often multiple tests can overlap, and are unnecessary but will add hundreds of dollars to your bill. Be sure that the inspector offers a quote upfront and that any additional work is only done with a sound explanation and your permission. To ensure that you do not pay too much, always deal with a reputable inspection company. We will NEVER charge you for tests that you do not need.

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