Our Mold Testing Procedures

As a homeowner or business owner you should never have to guess what services you are actually paying for, that is why we wish to explain our mold testing procedures. Our mold testing and mold inspections are full service and include a letter at the end of the service explaining the findings and recommendations if any. When you call our offices your call will be received and discussed with a certified professional, who will help you determine if mold testing is needed, answer any questions you may have and help you schedule your inspection. After you have scheduled your inspection this is what you can expect:

Mold Testing Procedures

  • Our certified inspector will arrive on time for the inspection. They will introduce themselves to you and then ask you a few questions about the property to learn more about potential problems.
  • The inspector will visually inspect your home. During ths process your inspector will take moisture, humidity readings and material moisture samples to make sure that you don’t have a moisture problem.
  • The inspector will be completing an inspection form during this process so that nothing is overlooked and everything is recorded. They will also capture pictures of any potential problems.
  • After inspecting the home the inspector will find the best location for your testing. You will receive all the testing results, inspection results, and letter within three business days of the inspection being completed. All information from the field inspection including testing results, inspection report and pictures will be received and reviewed in our office by a certified mold inspector. You will receive all of the testing results, inspection results, and letter within three-five business days after inspection completion.
  • If the tests are clean we will provide you with a letter stating such. If the tests come back and remediation is needed we can assist in locating a qualified, professional remediation company to provide a remediation quote. We have done extensive screening in your area and will provide contact information should it be requested and will answer any questions along the way.
  • Our job is to help identify not only the type and count of mold, but it’s likely cause. Our goal is take all the questions and fear out of the word MOLD.

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