Mold Information

Want information about mold and what Mold Test Experts does to find it and get rid of it? This Mold Info will help make you a more informed customer:

What Is Mold?

While most molds do not have an adverse affect on all people, some molds once indoors can cause many different types of health problems and can possibly eat away at the structure of your home. READ MORE >>

Why Test For Mold?

Mold affects everyone differently and while it did not bother the previous owners it could present many health effects for you or your family. You should get a mold inspection to ensure the safety of not only your home but your family. READ MORE >>

Mold Test Experts Testing Procedures

As a homeowner or business owner you should never have to guess what services you are actually paying for. Our mold inspections are full service and include a letter at the end of the service explaining the findings and recommendations if any. READ MORE >>

Questions To Ask Your Mold Testing Company

You want to use only certified mold inspectors, and you want to make sure that your home or business gets a quality inspection. Asking these questions will help to make sure that you are receiving a good value for your money. READ MORE >>