About Mold Test Experts – Mold Testing & Mold Inspections

Residential and Business Mold TestingMold Test Experts offers mold testing and inspection services in: AL, GA, KY, MD, NC, SC, TN and VA. Our inspections are always handled by certified mold professionals both in the field and our office. Your call will be received and discussed with a qualified professional before any testing is scheduled, to validate your personal needs. We can handle all of your mold inspection needs and will provide you with a detailed testing report with every test.

Do I need mold testing for my home?

If you are visiting our site, the answer is probably yes. Mold can occur anytime there is moisture and an organic substance such as drywall, wood, or carpet.

Mold can grow in nearly any environment, and mold spores are incredibly resilient. If you believe you may have a mold problem, please contact us today!

How can I get a mold test scheduled?

For mold testing and mold inspections, please feel free to call us at (855)533-8879. You can also contact us by email at Support@MoldTestExperts.com or by using the form on our contact page.