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Mold testing and inspection is our specialty. If you think you have mold in your home you should call Mold Test Experts so we can help. There is often more than one type of mold growing within a single area which is why having a professional conduct your mold inspection is important. We work to make your mold remediation successful by identifying exactly which varieties of mold have invaded your home.

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Expenses associated with mold growth add up very quickly. We understand this and want to help our customers eliminate these unnecessary costs. Mold Test Experts does this by providing you with accurate test results the first time, with expedited testing results can be delivered in as little as 24 hours. This gives you the ability to begin the mold removal process without delay, saving you money.

Mold Test Experts has years of experience helping customers solve their mold problems. We know mold is not only found in older homes, but have also seen a substantial increase in mold found in lumber used for new construction. Newer buildings are also built to be more energy efficient which can restrict airflow and create conditions that encourage mold spores to form. Mold has the ability to grow on any organic substance and only requires a small amount of moisture to flourish so these other factors only make matters worse.

Mold in Your Home

You may be able to see mold growth in certain circumstances. Mold may look like small clumps of black specks and have a musty odor. Mold could go unnoticed in many cases or may not be recognized until it has grown into a sizable colony. Sometimes a building’s inhabitants start experiencing allergic symptoms from mold exposure before they discover they have mold. Just because mold can be seen doesn’t mean there isn’t more hidden somewhere within your home. Mold Test Experts can deliver peace of mind with a mold inspection that will find all the sources that may be impacting your life.

Moisture Control

  • Fix leaks and outside water issues quickly before mold can begin to grow. Water coming inside your home can sometimes be resolved a number of ways from landscaping changes or waterproofing the exterior of your home.If you find water in your basement it might be from a gutter leak or something else causing water to run in your home.
  • Carpet can absorb moisture and serves as place where mold growth is easily supported.
  • Where in hot or humid environments, dehumidifiers or other air conditioning devices help reduce the air moisture levels, if not used properly they could end up encouraging mold growth instead.
  • Water coming from leaking pipes or near tubs and sinks can also support mold growth.
  • If you notice moisture in your home it’s possible that your appliances could have caused it such as humidifiers or space heaters. Turning off these appliances might help.
  • Air circulation can help warm cold surfaces where moisture might form. This can be accomplished through the use of fans or arranging furniture so that it is not in a corner where it can inhibit air flow.

Mold Testing Methods

  • Air Quality Testing
  • Surface Sampling

Air quality testing consists of taking samples of the air within your home as well as the air outside your home. Surface sampling involves taking representative samples of the surfaces within your home by swabbing or tape lifting. With bulk testing we collect small pieces of materials which allows us to determine exact mold concentrations within different parts of your home. With these methods combined, we can develop a baseline mold count and identify the exact concentration of mold spores present in your home.

In addition to the test samples, your inspection will include temperature, relative humidity and material moisture level sampling. Our job is to help identify not only the type and amount of mold, but it’s likely cause. This information will not only assist you in determining if you have a signifigant problem, but will also educate you on the steps to take should remediation be necessary.

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